The Sales Email Template that helped me get 19x responses

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The year 2016

I was running my startup, needed a few connections in Corporates to pitch them my product. My mentor gave me a list of 20 companies and asked me to send them an email. For one company, in particular, she mentioned why my product would make sense.

I reached out to all 20, 19 received a standard pitch and for that one client for whom I had some insights, I created a personalized pitch.

Result: 2 responses

The one client where I personalized my pitch responded and 1 out of the other 19 responded too.

Response rate

Personalized email - 100%

Standard pitch - 5.25%

While it is just one odd event, so we cannot really conclude if sending a personalized email is 19 times more effective. But I have been using it and have seen significantly better results.

Here is how you can personalize emails and get better open / response rates?

- Know the kind of personality you are pitching to (use tools like Crystal Knows)

- Relate their recent action to your business

- Talk about how others are benefitting by choosing your product

- Ask for a quick call where you can help them with more details

Illustration for your reference

I am in the business of employee health and wellness and I interact with HRs in health and wellness so if I have to write an email, this is possibly how I will write


I recently came across a LinkedIn post that mentioned that your org announced a long weekend every month to ensure employees are not burning out. Kudos! A perfect solution in the given time when people are WFH and the line between personal and professional life is blurring. An extra day off every month shows that you care.

I represent MFine where we join hands with corporates like yours to take better care of employees by enabling them (including family members) to consult with hospital doctors via a video call on our app ensuring they don't have to step out of their home and still have access to quality care.

We have seen a surge in Corporates reaching out to us. We also are a health partner of Client X and Client Y from your segment of work and the employees love us there. In fact, our average consultation rating from these two companies is 4.8 out of 5. Glad they are liking it and would love to serve your organization too.

Can we connect over a call and understand the possibility of working together? We can cover your employees for a year for just Re 1 per day. Let me know if we can connect tomorrow at 3 PM or please share a convenient time to connect.

A little difference makes all the difference

Being able to write good emails is a MUST know skill. In case you are trying to learn it and need me to quickly check your draft, I will be happy to. Share your email drafts at with the subject 'Basho Check'.

I recently came across a friend's post on #LinkedIn hinting at giving 5% extra in your communication to ensure a response. Writing a personalized email is your attempt to give 5% extra and this extra effort never goes unnoticed.

Personalized emails are also known as BASHO emails. For more references, you can visit this link.

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