5-points framework to improve conversion in B2B sales

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

It is a simple math

Customers will buy from you if all the conditions fulfilled.

  1. They need your product

  2. They trust your execution

  3. They believe the brand you are selling

  4. They trust you

  5. They remember you when they are actually making the buying decision

If you are like me, you must have thought 'what about cost?'. In the few years of selling, I have realized a rational brand will either price similar to competition or have justification for the difference. So your product, execution, and brand (first 3 points mentioned above) will take care of the cost.

I didn't read this 5-points framework but I am sure it must have been inspired or maybe just a common-sensical framework.

To impress you I can say this 5-points framework will increase the chance of a conversion by 320%, so if you were converting 2 out of 10 clients earlier, now you will close 6-7 clients. But honestly, I am sure you are doing a few of these already. I am only suggesting doing it more religiously and this time with a simple hack you will be able to work towards all 5 with little efforts.

To explain the process/hack in an easy to understand manner, sharing the few pointers that I follow to close sales in my org, MFine. FYR MFine is into teleconsultations, we tie-up with hospitals and their doctors provide consultations via our app. Corporate typically avail our service to provide health benefits to employees.

Here it begins


Work only towards the 5th point by using all the above 4 points


I will try to connect with my prospective client on these platforms viz. Email, Whatsapp and LinkedIn and follow a simple routine


To explain The WHAT, I will explain the kind of communication I will share at regular intervals to make the sale.


I don't create content here but explain how our existing clients are utilizing us

An email excerpt explaining "Why tele-consultations?"

To follow up on such an email, you can simply initiate a conversation around how are they planning to tackle health needs for their workforce.

Execution capability

To prove your capability, you can either talk about the product, the people, and the process or simply update them about the client you are launching with, even a no-name basis works.

Typically buyers are looking to be sure that when you launch with them, you won't screw. And that is why you will hear questions like 'have you launched with xxx employee ever?' or 'which other company do you have in my sector?'.

Below are a few WhatsApp chats. I use WhatsApp extensively to keep prospects updated

Trust in the Brand

While a lot of trust gets built with updates around launch but it is important to share brand updates which may not be directly related to the business at hand. Like for MFine, here are few things that I have shared just to keep the conversation going by updating on things we are doing

Trust in your capabilities

It is important that your client looks up to you for suggestions and trusts you will suggest the right thing. While they want the product you are selling but would prefer it if you are the one looking through the execution. So try and do more consultative selling - understanding the need, suggesting the best solution even if it means lesser sales. Also, having a sense of the change in industry needs is also a good conversation topic so be aware of the trends.

A personal suggestion that may not be effective but it is always good to be genuinely concerned about your client's wellbeing. If nothing, it comforts the client that while you do update them about so many things about their company but also remember to say 'hi, hope you are doing well'.

I hope I could convey two things with the screenshots

  • Ways to stay connected with your Prospect (and not look desperate)

  • Science of conveying comfort subtly via communications

Believe you me, I have seen the impact of doing it religiously. You will for sure see two benefits

  • Your client will remember you while deciding ''from whom to buy''

  • Other client testimonial or reference would become mere formalities, even prospects will have trust in you, your brand, your product, and your execution capabilities


A small note on why I wrote this

Recently I have been helping a new joinee create his funnel. I realized he sent 40 emails but had no follow-up topics to drive the conversation in his favor

Also, I have been reading The Challenger Sale and I realized Sales is a more holistic approach and a person who is suggesting your product will only do so when he has absolute trust.

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